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Newsletter of February / March 2010



Haggis “ beef in the house comes in a can.” —San Antonio food reviewer

Big events coming up for Caledonian Kitchen troops:

National Tartan Day / April 6, 2010 / The whisky cakes, plus Haggis Canapes

May 15 - 16, 2010 / Houston Highland Games / Houston Farm & Ranch Club / We’ll be showcasing our
five great whisky cakes and Haggis Tartletts

Celtic foods now available: In Houston, an award-winning young bagpiper piped in the Haggis at one of the largest specialty stores in Texas.

Spec's Fine Wines, Spirits & Finer Foods is now onboard!

Highland Games with Caledonian Kitchen Celtic foods: Celtic Nations in Louisiana, Stone Mountain GA, Salado TX, Sarasota FL, San Antonio TX, Sam Houston Folk Festival TX, Las Vegas Celtic Gathering, Houston Highland Games.


Announcing the Caledonian Kitchen Great Recipes Contest Number TWO

Want to make your name and recipe famous? SEND US YOUR RECIPE FOR A HAGGIS DISH!
Experiment and send your recipe. Or, try this tested recipe first: Haggis with Easy Crepes. .

Crepe fillings: One can Sirloin Haggis. Sautee Haggis with cherry tomatoes & diced red onions while you make the crepes. Fresh strawberries and blueberries are swell additions.

Easy Crepes Ingredients: 1 cup (8 ozs) Pioneer flour / 1 1/4 cup (10 ozs) milk 1 egg / 1 tbsp oil / 1/4 tsp salt / 1 tbsp butter for pan. Blend ingredients. Drop large spoonful onto hot skillet, tilt skillet back and forth until crepe is paper thin and beautifully brown. Serve buffet-style with sauteed Haggis. Accept applause after meal.

A few recent recipes we've tried, featuring those three great Southwestern favorites - Haggis Tacos, Haggis Nachos and good ol' Haggis Texas Chili.

Caledonian Kitchen / Haggis Nachos

Caledonian Kitchen / Haggis Texas Chili

Here's a shot from a recent fishing expedition in Colorado, on the Arkansas River. Fishing was great but catching was slim, so for a shore dinner, the chef opened Highland beef Haggis and a Barbados rum cake.


The Caledonian Kitchen recipe CONTEST NUMBER TWO

Win a bit of fame, a little fortune and some great Haggis products. To get going, just click on the pistol for complete information.