New Works & Old

Sam Caldwell / Texas State Artist 2004

Many of these paintings are available - as originals, or as as Gclee prints. For information on price and availability contact Sam Caldwell / 281-455-9390

All Eyes On The Blue Large watercolor, available as Gclee


Studies for triptychs; Near Marathon / Waiting It Out at Pass Cavallo / Blue Quail Hunters, West Texas Style / original study available at Thornwood Gallery, Colquitt location


Robert Burns, Immortal Scot Poet / original and Gclee prints available. Original, $3,000. Gclee prints, $385


Whitewings over Big Bucks Ranch Sold- Gclees available


The Basslers / Study for a triptych

Sam Caldwell and Sport: Mountain Thyme For Rosemary / a triptych commissioned by Rosemary Ford


Big Bend Bird / Croton Peak. available. Large oil- $5,000


Boquillas Beer Joint / Rooster Champ Tonight, or Chicken soup Tomorrow. Available, large oil, $5,000

Fish Hawks / Gclee available


Bigmouth & Bud, sold out. Gclees available

Adios To a Speck? Art prints available.

Surf Surprise / Gclee available

Surf Silver / Gclee available


Dancing In The Moonlight / Small study, sold. Gclee available.


Dovehunters / Small study, sold. Gclee available


Ducks Unlimited Texas Patron Print, 2003. Art prints available.


Changing Of The Guard

Texas State Ducks Unlimited Artist, 2006 / Art prints and Original watercolor available.


Colorado County Creek / original available

Four Studies From Scotland above, and six others below


Poached Salmon, River Dee / original available


Daybreak With Speckled Trout / Gclee available


Just Your Imagination At The Third Bar / Gclee available


Rising Tide / Gclee available


Deep Red / original and Gclee available


New Day, Young Rooster / original available


Owner Of The Mountain

Chosen for International Watercolor Show, 2008. Original available, framed, $3,000


Morning Covey / Gclee available


Quail Explosion / Gclee available


Dawn Patrol / art prints and Gclee available


Ancient Traditions / Art prints sold out, Gclee available

Ancient Traditions, Continued / art prints, Gclee available