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Detail from Gcleé of "Quail Explosion at Spanish Dagger." Click on the image, and the paintings below for bigger images.

Gcleés provide

individual images

from art by Sam Caldwell

Brand new paintings, and a few older favorites

from the private Caldwell cellar

are now available as

Gcleé prints.

What's a Gcleé?

\gee.clay \ n: In brief, a high tech inkjet print. Vibrant inks create a print on watercolor paper or canvas that rivals the original painting. The process allows an artist to provide a single print or small edition of a painting, instead of lithographing 500 prints.

From start to finish, a print takes only a few days. The archival quality of the inks, along with UV coatings provide lasting quality as great as original paints.

Gclees are available from many of Caldwell's original paintings and poster prints.

The editions are of 20 prints only. Watercolors Gcleés are usually 30" x 24".

Here are a few thumbnails of Caldwell paintings now available as Gcleés. Click for bigger images and details.