Fine art, outdoors

Sam Caldwell

Texas State Artist 2004 / Texas Ducks Unlimited Artist 2010-2011


Happy Birthday, Robby Burns!

Here's to Scotland's immortal bard. Born January 25, 1759. Seems like yesterday...

There'll be an evening of haggis, bagpipes and drums, toasts to the lads and the lassies in single malt Scotch.

A Gclee print of this Caldwell portrait of Robert Burns resides in the newly remodeled Robert Burns Library in Scotland, and in the Robert Burns Boston Museum.



Informal Portraits, a brand new site under construction
Here are a few of my favorite outdoor portraits done over some 45 years. Some are old, some are brand new. Research is underway for some of the names. Check back a bit later. Or, give me a call with a name. 281-455-9390.—Sam Caldwell

Tim Merrick of Wintergreen, Virginia, with Max on Stoney Creek. Harry Briscoe, Hexigraph Rods on a Chilean river.

To view many of Caldwell's outdoor portraits, click on any of the images.



Brookies in Stoney Creek / Full size and closeups of the fisherman and Brookies

Transparent oil on Huile paper / 20" x 28"

"Brookies In Stoney Creek" / Available $2,000


A few favorite paintings from 2015 / Gclees available, if original is sold

"Spring Creek Ranch Valley" / Watercolor / Available $2,000

"Gotcha!” Oil. 24” x 18" / Young lad chooses to fight a marlin

with stand-up gear. The lad wins. Available $2,000


"Dawn Advance" / Third Scots Guards, Normandy,

June 27, 1944 Watercolor / available $3,000

The Farrier / watercolor / Chosen for the Houston National

Watercolor exhibition, 2014 / Available, framed: $4,000

"The Inlet" / watercolor / Gclee available: $385

"A Scholarship Trout" / oil-watercolor on Huile

Art prints avaialable from Coastal Conservation Texas



Chest thumping time:

Caldwell named Conservation Sportsman of the year by CCA Dallas

The Pantheon of previous Dallas Conservationists began with Gary Lumas in 2012, included Gregg Stunz in 2013 and Lefty Kreh in 2014.

The award ceremonies took place at the Frontiers of Flight Museum, April 16.

Caldwell ended his remarks with, "There are people who deserve this award more than me, but I'm going to keep it."

CCA Dallas President Hal Thomas. Caldwell's painting was featured in the Live Auction.

To watch the painting grow, click on the osprey.



To read Caldwell's remarks, click on the American flag. Photos by Vizi Lange-Caldwell

Richard Pratt and Caldwell with Caldwell's painting, "Greater Fish Hawks." Pratt won the painting in the Live Auction.



One of my lifelong Bucket List items has been a visit to the beaches of Normandy. A window of opportunity opened in June, when an assignment for a feature story required my presence in France as well as Scotland. I will be working on paintings and a feature from the trip in the near future.

Iron Mike / Sculpted by Leah Hiebert, this powerful statue depicts an Airborne trooper with a Thompson submachine gun at the ready. The statue was not named for any one man or unit, but rather dedicated to all paratroopers, past, present and future. Iron Mike overlooks the Merderet River, where many troopers--parachutists as well as glider troops-- landed to begin the liberation of occupied Europe.

Pointe du Hoc / At dawn on June 6, some 225 Rangers scaled these cliffs to eliminate the threat of huge artillery pieces. They succeeded after two days of severe fighting. Only 90 Rangers made it through, but continued fighting for many days.

To view a series of photos from the Normandy and Scotland visit, click on Iron Mike's Tommy Gun or the rock of Pointe du Hoc.


This painting sold at the Port O'Connor Live auction. Gclee prints available.

Detail of "Tarpon For Two at Cedar Bayou" / An oil painting in Caldwell's unique transparent style.

Below are studies for two new paintings, available mid-January

"Tough Day On The Horizon"

A high country elk rises at dawn. Will it see dusk?

This is the study. The 30" x 24" Transparent oil is $4,000

"Casting for Browns, or Rainbows, or Kokanee, Whatever Likes A Streamer"

This is the study. The 30" x 24" Transparent oil is $4,000





An oil study for the Texas Oilman's Tournament, 2015.

Click on the marlin's eye for a video of the painting from beginning to end.



A couple of recent Caldwells. One commissioned by the Houston Big Game Fishing Club,

the other by the Coastal Conservation Association

"Big Fish for a Tough Kid"

Click on the marlin for a video, start to finish of the art.

"First Jump at Cedar Bayou"

Commissioned by the San Antonio CCA to commemorate the opening of Cedar Bayou. Click on the fisherman for a video.


A new video in Cobra oils: Patrick Henry for the Texas Society, DAR

To watch Caldwell's portrait as it developed from idea through sketch to completion,

click on the American flag. May take a dozen seconds to download, so be patient.



While in Scotland, I just had to visit the CALDWELL GOLF CLUB, and the ALAMO BAR. Here's a couple of pix.

For a tour of both places, click on the Caldwell Golf Club sign or the Lone Star flag.


Here's a series of Caldwell art as "videos."

A couple of years back, I bumped into two "new" art mediums:

1) Cobra oil colors, capable of being mixed with an oil medium as well as plain old water. On canvas, allows me to use oils as I would transparent watercolor for brilliant, swift effects. BUT- dries slower than watercolor, so I can work different areas without rushing and losing a passage.

2) Canson's Huile water/oil paper. This 140 lb paper is the same Arches I know and love, but it accepts Cobra oils with a Cobra medium and/or water. The result is the same watercolor feel, with the reworking capabilities of oils.

Due to the magic of stop action photography, you can watch as each of these paintings begins and moves to completion.

Just click on any painting.

Sean and Kenyon, Queen's Bathtub, Hawaii

Sean and Kenyon, Bonefishing

Jim Weinzetl and Jazz, one of the world's finest pointers


Lon Dekkers of Canson and Caldwell did a November demo

for the Northwest Art League in Spring Texas. Click on either image for more pictures.


"Confused Soldiering"A feature story for Scots Heritage Magazine.

Both paintings are on Arches Huile paper, in Cobra Oil/Watercolor.

Normandy, 1942: Third Tank Battalion, Scots Guards has landed at Juno Beach. Tank Commander Lieutenant Andrew Elgin is engaged in the critical battles leading to the Caumont Breakout. His tank is hit August 11, 1944. Lord Elgin's story can be read by clicking on the piper and the Churchill tank.

Two Caldwell paintings for a feature story about the Normandy landings, the advance through the hedgerow regions and the final breakout of the allies at Caumont. In June, Caldwell will be retracing the Normandy invasion, from Omaha and Utah Beaches to Juno, Sword and Gold; sipping wine in St. Mere Eglise where the 82nd Airborne fought, and walking the cliffs at Point Du Hoc.

The video on the right includes bagpipe music, and may take a minute or two to open, so be patient.


3rd Scots Guards advance on Caumont at dawn. A piper leads a Churchill tank crew.

A Churchill tank has been hit, and the crew escapes the burning tank.

This just in from the Outdoor Writers Association of America—art from CCA Currents newsletters takes top awards in national contest.

First Place, Illustration/Graphic Contest, General/Overall Category, “Big Surf, Big Sky, Big Fish On, cover of the February/ March 2013 Currents. Cobra oil/watercolor on Canson Huile paper.

Second Place, Illustration/Graphic Contest, General/Overall Category, “Deep Red Structure” cover of the June/July 2013 Currents. Both were paintings by Sam Caldwell. Cobra oil on canvas.






The Farrier

Chosen for the 2014

International Watercolor Exhibtion

Cobra oil/watercolor medium on

Arches Oil Paper




More Where They Came From

Three quail for Kenneth Marks

Cobra oil/watercolor medium on Arches Oil Paper



Several recent paintings:

Cobra oils on gesso, and Canson's Arches water/oil paper


Cactus and Tailfeathers

Cobra oils on canvas


Quail to Go

Cobra oil on Canson Arches water/oil paper

Knee Deep Reds

Cobra oils on Canson's Arches water/oil paper

Deep Red Structure

Cobra oil on Canson's Arches water/oil paper

General Sam Houston

Cobra oils on Canson's Arches water/oil paper

All the paintings in videos are available as Giclees. See, "Pricing" link elsewhere.

Recent events

Houston Highland Games!

Clan tents, bagpipes, Celtic music, big men throwing heavy stuff around,

little kids having fun. Click on the little girl or the huge hurler for a visit to the 2014 games.



One of the finest outdoor events this year-- The CCA Concert for Conservation, May 18 at the Sam Houston Race Park. Dwight Yoakam, Hayes Carll, Robert Earl Keen and Ray Wylie Hubbard jammed for 3,000 fans. A great moment shown below-- Robert Earl Keen brought Lyle Lovett to the stage for two numbers.


My favorite new quail painting-- Quail To Go. Edition of 20 gclee art prints. $358, signed and numbered. 28" x 24".


Other new Caldwell art prints are available: edition of 20 each, signed and numbered. 28" x 24", $385.

Here are a couple of recent paintings that graced the covers of the Currents newsletter.

Big Surf, Big Sky, Big Fish On

Deep Red Structure




Recent Works





Contact Sam

Past events-just scroll down



For a YouTube video of a crashing glacier, click on the puffin.

Puffins, orcas

and bears,

oh my!

A few sketches for Alaska paintings by Caldwell

Large and In Charge in Denali / Preliminary sketch in watercolor, for a large transparent oil. Several other Alaska studies are available for commissions.



At Chena Hot Springs, Alaska, two prestigious awards were presented to Caldwell by the Outdoor Writers Association of America

"Thirteen Years Old" A pair of thirteen-year old hunters wait for incoming river mallards. Named DU's Texas State Artist, Caldwell did this painting for the 2010-2011 DU art print.

"Copano Bay Redfish" Painted for the Aranzazu children's benefit, the two fishermen are Bum Phillips and Dan Pastorini.

The paintings went at auction to benefit conservation organizations.

Both images are available as Giclees; 28" x 24", $385. A smaller giclee, 13" x 19" is $185. For Giclee prints of either of these images, give me a call or email: sam @samcaldwell. com or 281-455-9390.

A few recently completed paintings are now available. Contact Sam Caldwell for information:, or 281-455-9390


Let's Go Rodeo: near Marathon, Big Bucks Ranch / Two Fishers, One Inlet


Three Surf Sharks / Hill Country Stream

For all my OWAA/ CCA friends, and other folks with good taste in art, here are a few links to some recent art and events. Click on an image for a visual visit.

CCA recent events, the art:

San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Greater Woodlands. Coming up October 18, Lee County and Port O'Connor, Oct. 20.

Dallas CCA banquet

San Antonio CCA banquet

Austin CCA banquet

Greater Woodlands CCA banquet



Click photos for images.

Denali Grayling fishing on a tundra stream... Kenai fjord trip: Leaping orcas! Crashing glaciers!


Click photos for images.

Chena Hot Springs: OWAA Breakout Day on the lake... Many OWAA folks, and Bernie Karl, an Irresistible Force for recycling, sustainable energy.

Click painting for images.

Quail Coalition, Central Texas: "Leave Some For Seed"

Click photo for images.

Inuit Dancers at Chena Hot Springs, OWAA Annual Meeting

Click photos for images.

Alaska highway, Salmon Hatchery, Sea Life Center in Seward.

Click photos for images.

Three bonnie shooting lassies at Chena Hot Springs.

Click photo for images.

The Wild Wells Golf Tourney, Kingwood Country Club, benefitting Shriners Childrens Hospital



TOWA Annual Meeting in New Braunfels, Texas.

Caldwell receives the L.A. Wilke Award. For a visit with some fine outdoor writers and great faces at the Texas Safari Ranch, click on the red award case. For pro photographer David Redwine's images, go to his fine website: (events)

Incoming President David Sikes congratulates Sam Caldwell. Caldwell said, "There's been a mistake. Other people here tonight deserve this award more than me. But I'm going to keep it."


Trout Unlimited Banquet in New Braunfels, on Canyon Lake

Caldwell paints a trout picture while the flyfishing crowd heckles. Click on the painting for a visit.

Crab Trap Grab in Port O'Connor, Texas

Click on the airboat for a few photos from the annual bay cleanup in Port O'Connor, Texas.



Outdoor Art Expo Indoors

Orvis Houston December 10, 2011

Ben Kocian, Les McDonald and Sam Caldwell enjoyed an evening with friends. Hope we saw you there.

Les McDonald's new pelican print, and Ben Kocian's classic blue Marlin painting drew many raffle dollars for the CCA HTFT program. Caldwell's watercolor demo was won at the end of the evening. The winner was Shaun Jones. Heath Bryant won the Orvis flrod and reel, Ashley Ahlfinger won the Caldwell art print, Gary Burns won the Les McDonald print and Ben Kocian's art print went to Dixie Swearingen.



Caldwell's watercolor demo, Lighthouse Cove Reds, was improved with the help of several young artists: Sam andSarah, Blyn, Tate and Shaw. At the end of the evening, the watercolor was won by Shaun Jones.

The Kocian and McDonald prints, along with the Orvis Access Fly rod set, will be on view and available for further raffle sales until Saturday, December 17. This will allow for further contributions to the CCA's HTFT program. For a tour of Caldwell paintings shown at the Orvis event, click on the lad in red.

Recently announced by Ducks Unlimited, Texas:

"Thirteen Years Old" wins honors for Caldwell as Texas State Artist, 2010-2011

A few paintings from the Orvis evening: Fishing the Inlet, Ancient Traditions Continued, Heart Mountain Valley, and Three Studies for Triptychs.


A few portraits from the past, a couple from the present, one from the future.

Robert Burns. Caldwell presented a Burns print to the Robert Burns Federation in Paisley, Scotland. Click on Robby's red book.

King Robert The Bruce. Commissioned by Lord Andrew Elgin. For a tour of recent Scot events, click on King Robert's sword.

Sir Walter Scott. Scotland's great historical novelist & poet. Click on Scott's foulard for more details.

Joe McBride and Texas Governor Rick Perry. A future Caldwell painting in the Texas capitol?

Walter Fondren III. Best Outdoor Painting, 2010: TOWA

Dr. James Naismith: Scholar, educator, inventor of basketball. A future commission of national scope? We'll see.

Lawrence Rearick and son Justin with Justin's first buck.


Original paintings by Caldwell will be featured at upcoming Texas events:

Corpus Christi CCA, April 7 / Dallas CCA, April 28 / San Antonio CCA, May 5 / MidCoast CCA, May 6 / Texas Parks & Wildlife Operation Game Thief Claystoppers, May 6 / Austin CCA, May 12 / Matagorda Bays CCA, June 23

Texas Oilmen's Charity Invitational Fishing Tournament 2011

A Caldwell commissioned painting was won at the TOCIFT live auction. Here's the final painting, one of the most complicated paintings I've ever done. But, it was a lot of fun.



A few samples of Caldwell commissioned paintings.


Ahh, Abaco, the Bahamas:

Hundreds of miles of bonefish water inside, thousands of fathoms of fish-filled bluewater outside in the Atlantic. A few paintings coming up soon.

Click on the bonefish to see a video with good old Texas music from a trip by the Gofers (Grumpy Old Fishermen) and a couple of Caldwell watercolors- one at the open, one at the close.




Wounded Warriors 2008-2009-2010 The little fishing village of Port O'Connor hosts recovering veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Music written and performed by Craig Carter of Heart Mountain, Texas. Pledge Of Allegiance by Charlie Daniels. Click on an American flag for a heart-warming trip to a small town classic.



Scotland Images / 2009
The Gathering / Edinburgh, Scotland,

July 25-26 2009

After the Highland Games in Edinburgh, Young Benedict Elgin leads the Bruce Family in the Parade up the Royal Mile.

For more Gathering images, click on Benedict's smile.

Scotland Images / 2006
March 24 to April 8, 2006

On the occasion of the 700th Anniversary of

King Robert The Bruce, First Scottish king

Painting, photographing and fishing, whilst driving on the wrong side of the road.

Edinburgh to the Highlands, the River Dee to Aberdeen.

Click on the images for a tour of photos and paintings: The Bruce assemblage honoring King Robert The Bruce in 2006.

A few art studies. A link to Rebel King, three books about King Robert.

A recent Caldwell painting (actually, 4 studies in one) featuring the River Dee.


Click on these images for a tour of various areas of Scotland; The King Robert The Bruce Assemblage in 2006, Art of Scotland by Caldwell, Clana Drumma performs at Lord Elgin's Bruce meeting, and some literary works of interest.

Caldwell Tower- on Caldwell Golf Course, near Paisley in Ayrshire, home of Robert Burns.



Boy Scouts of America / Oct. 8-9

Caldwell participated in the huge 100th Anniversary Shac Jam near College Station Texas. Sam did watercolor demos while hundreds of Scouts enjoyed a retro visit to the days of Baden Powell and Clan McLaren. That's Scot Clan Chief Donald MacLaren. Read his message to the Texas Wood Badgers by clicking on a bagpiper.

Below, daybreak at the Highland Village area, 100th BSA Sam Houston Area Council Jamboree, October 9, 2010. Caldwell helped roast a pig. Get a load of those bird legs beneath the kilt. For a trip in a ReMax hot air balloon, watercoloring with kids and a visit with thousands of Boy Scouts, click on Caldwell's kilt.

Spring Creek, Heart Mountain and DARK CANYON Blue Quail expedition, November 15-18

Images from one of my favorite places in the universe, the Big Bend of Texas. On left, my Dark Canyon studio setup. Mountain lions have been taking Dark Canyon mule deer, so the artist had cougar repellent handy. On right, "Dark Canyon Entry Sentry." There will be a number of Dark Canyon watercolors available at the event you see on the right, the Kocian/Caldwell Art Expo at Orvis. For a photographic trip to Spring Creek Ranch, click on the shotgun.


Chihuahua Desert Nature Center Barbecue

Fine art in the Coahuila Desert / September 28 / Click for a trip through Dark Canyon in the Big Bend

Aranzazu tourney honoring Bum Phillips

Rockport, Oct. 15 - 16 / Some 300 of Bum Phillip's friends honored the Luv Ya Blue Oiler's coach, and raised funds to help children with special needs. Caldwell provided a portrait of Bum as well as a painting called, "Bum Phillips and Dan Pastorini Go Fishing."


Caldwell led PAINT-IN at WASH (Watercolor Arts Society Houston) September 25 / 10 - 3 pm

Demonstrations on Frederix Watercolor Canvas, and Arches paper. Precise illustration techniques and sloppy, intuitive painting techniques.



Heart Mountain and Dark Canyon, with music by Craig Carter / Click on the .38 caliber pistol for a YouTube trip

Wildlife Forever, State Fish and Art Contest for Kids / Richard M. Hart and Johnny Morris Convention Center, Athens, Texas. For tour of photos, click on the snake.


Port Mansfield, Laguna Madre Beach and Cut Cleanup - click for YouTube and music by Craig Carter


Operation Game Thief / CCA Austin's Bob Samford sponsored the trip to Port Mansfield, Lady's Crew shown. From left, Shelby Samford, Elizabeth Connor, Ashley Stokowski, Capt. Mike Lowe and Bob Samford. On right, Capt. Lynn Wadell of Woodee Rods, who hosted the trip.


The Informal Portrait

Thirty years of colorful images of wildlife and people from the brush of Texas State artist Sam Caldwell. Portrait commissions available.

Dale Couch discovers that Blue Quail always fly up the mountain for more mature hunters



My late friend, Jim Terry. World class fisherman, cook, father, race car driver, friend.

Below: Bob Talamini- the great lineman who sprang Joe Namath for that Super Bowl victory. Robert Burns, Scotland's immortal poet, and King Robert The Bruce, Scotland's first king. The Burns portrait was commissioned for the Robert Burns museums in Scotland and Boston. The Bruce portrait was commissioned by Lord Andrew Elgin.





Sam Caldwell received honors as

Texas State Artist for 2004

Victory congrats from nationally-renowned sculptor James Surls go to Sam Caldwell, selected by the Texas Commission On The Arts as Texas State Artist of the Year for 2004. Hanging with the Guv: The man in the hat behind Caldwell is the Texas State Musician for 2004, Ray Benson of the Grammy-award winning group, Asleep at the Wheel.

Two commemorative prints have been issued by Wildlife Graphics in honor of Caldwell's award:

Dawn Patrol, above and Chicken Champ tonight, or Rooster Soup Mañana.

Quail Explosion

Bob Ortego and his horny longhorn

A few new people paintings that aren't too bad.

"Ancient Traditions, Continued."

"Three Fine Furry Friends" Camo, Chris Smisek and Camo's grandson, Chester.

"Changing Of The Guard" Printed by Ducks Unlimited Texas.

Wade Vielock and Dad, with a nice flounder.


Lawrence Rearick and son Justin with a nice buck.

Dovehunters. Bob Evans' sons Allen and John.


Buckhunter. That's Fisher Byers with his first venado.


The Starnes Family

Harry Briscoe of Hexagraph


Harry Briscoe, of Hexagraph Rods.

Briscoe on a Chilean River





Thought you would enjoy a visit I made to a hospital in Dallas in November, before the art exhibit opening at Thornwood Galleries. I spent a year there when I was a 9-year old kid.  

To all my new Scottish Rite friends: What a memorable day, Friday.

In the 1946 Scottish Rite Hospital For Crippled Children of my memories, being in the outdoors was a dream. But the reality of a shotgun-shattered leg foretold crutches, an external brace and a dull indoor life.

The caregivers and surgeons at the hospital changed my life, not only in the physical sense, but in the way I view the world. Since I left that old Dallas hospital, I have been able to run, hike, fish, hunt and make a living as an outdoorsman. Seeing old black and white photographs of the kids brought back memories, and an appreciation for the colorful, child-friendly hospital of today. Best wishes from a Scottish Rite alumni, Sam Caldwell  


Caldwell watercolor demos 2010, 2011 at Art Supply Expo. Raffled off, the paintings brought joy to the heart of the winners, and money to the Texas Children's Hospital


A few available paintings

St. Andrews Greats: Tiger, Arnie, Jack, Ben, and a couple of Ancient Scots. Arnie Palmer was the only great to miss a championship at St. Andrews. But, Arnie and Jack Nicklaus were on the American team that won the championship. A very large watercolor, beautifully framed. Would be a great centerpiece at a fine Country Club. SOLD


"A College Trout?"

"Birds With Blue"

Changing Of The Guard / Original art of the painting chosen by Texas Ducks Unlimited for the 2006-2007 art print.

"Colorado County Stream"

Bluewater Confrontation / A large transparent oil on canvas.



Heart Mountain, from Spring Creek Ranch headquarters.

Dark Canyon is on the far side of Heart Mountain.


Spring Creek Ranch / Heart Mountain Blue Quail Hunters and


January 15 - 17, 2010

A few shots, with music by Craig Carter on a YouTube video. Click on the pistol. It was there due to a cougar issue in Dark Canyon, where I did some sketching.



Click on the boy's bow to go to

Sam Caldwell's Print Warehouse.

Sam Caldwell's Print Warehouse

Many of the images Caldwell has painted over the years have become art prints and posters.

Some are sold out, but most are now available as high quality Gclee prints. From Christmas Bay

to South Texas Quail hunts to Big Bend's Christmas Mountains, Caldwell has images you might

be unable to do without. Click on the flyfisherman's hat below, or the young archer's bow to the left

to go to Caldwell's Print Warehouse. Remember-- the original art or high quality Gclees, as well

as commissions, are available. Contact the artist at 281-455-9390 or


A few Caldwell Past Events

If you missed these events, shame on me for not getting you the invitation on time.

But, cheer up - you can get a personal, if virtual invitation to future events. Just send me an email address;

Cast For The Cure Tourney, Rockport, Texas.

Two Caldwell paintings go on the auction block to aid Cystic Fibrosis. A study, left and final large watercolor, "First Trout."


Rockport Center For The Arts / Sporting Art Invitational

One of the finest of Texas' art centers again features their choice of the state's finest sporting artists. Art from The Texas 10 Most Wanted Exhibit. Gclee's available!


Long Distance Caster




Harry Crofton Releases A Red For Further Duty.


Daybreak Mallards



Houston Highland Games

Houston Farm & Ranch Club. This original painting and several prints will be available at the fundraising auction. Part of the proceeds from this magnificent Scottish music and games festival (and from sale of the painting) will go to Texas Children's Hospital.

Poached Salmon / River Dee, Scotland Highlands


On stage, CCA Houston Chapter banquet- Again, Caldwell completes a painting while 500 fishermen watch. It'll go as the last item on the live auction. This study will also be available.

Daybreak Marlin - the study.


Cystic Fibrosis Cast For The Cure tourney in Rockport.

An original Caldwell painting will be on the auction block to aid this great cause.

Fish Hawks, Two

"On the Cimarron: Donnette and Shot"


Hope we saw you at Orvis Houston / December 12 / 6 to 9pm

New Orvis store at 5727 Westheimer

Outdoor Art Show Indoors
Sam Caldwell / Ben Kocian

Ben Kocian and Sam Caldwell were on hand for an evening of Outdoor Art Indoors.

Refreshments. Door Prizes from Ben, Sam and Orvis.

Chronicle Survivor's Art Exhibit, June 18 - July 6

To visit the event, click on Van Hetherly's nose





Happy New Year to all, and to the immortal Scot poet, Happy 250th Birthday, Robert Burns.

And, Happy Wedding Anniversary to Jim Walters, Laird O' Tha American Haggis. We won't list the starting year, lest the candles start a bonfire.

For Caldwell's painting of Robby, and many other Caldwell paintings, click on the red notebook.






Just discovered by Texas artist: World's finest Celtic Foods.

Great for riverside meals, or full-course dinners. The new all-American Haggis, with Irish & Scottish stews and high-spirited Whisky cakes. Click on the yellow hat above left to visit The Scottish Grocer.

Have a Caledonian Kitchen Christmas and New Year: For a visit with The Scottish Grocer's Haggis site, click on Robert Burns above, or the fly reel below.

Have a hearty Scot Fisherman's breakfast

with Caledonian Kitchen Haggis.




























Triptych [ trip'tik]  A work of art divided into three sections

Study for the triptych of Blue Quail Hunters, an outdoor portrait of A.C. Black & Friends

Texas State Artist Sam Caldwell is creating a very special set of triptychs. Nationally known for his transparent watercolors, this series will be the continuation of Caldwell’s work in large scale transparent oil.

The first triptych is Waiting It Out At Pass Cavallo Jetties. It will be available only at the CCA’s new REAL ESTATE chapter banquet. That’ll be February 19 at River Oaks Country Club. It will be featured in the Live Auction.


Why a triptych?

The size-- in company with his transparent oil technique-- allows Caldwell to create a large and powerful image, while maintaining the depth and swiftness of his unique style. Patrons and friends will remember the triptych, Mountain Thyme For Rosemary. One of Caldwell’s most memorable paintings, it is a room-filling 15 feet by 5 feet. Caldwell says his future triptychs will be 10 feet by 4 feet, still room-filling images, but transportable without hiring a moving van.

Caldwell and Sir Sport, near Pine Canyon, Big Bend

The first three triptych scenes involve images from a number of Caldwell’s favorite paintings; Blue Quail Hunters, Pass Cavallo Jetties, and Near Marathon. Here's a closeup from the final painting of "Waiting It Out At The Port O'Connor Jetties"


Ah, the Surf. Warm, colorful, full of life and action. .


Fish Hawks


Surf Runners


Study for Surfbit Specs


Just Your Imagination at the Third Bar



Study for Blue Quail Hunters, West Texas Style. A.C. Black and friends. It will be a future Triptych. Study AVAILABLE: $3,000 The three piece triptych will be $12,000.

On right, "Modern Dinosaur"



I'm pleased to announce that my studio pard, James Surls, has been named Texas State Artist, Sculpture, for 2006

Two Texas State Artists in the same Splendora, Texas studio.

Sam Caldwell, Texas State Artist, Painting, 2004, and

James Surls, Texas State Artist, Sculpture, 2006




Double honors

for Caldwell's "One Helluva Buck"

and his Texas Sporting Journal story:

"Best Outdoor Painting of 2004"


"Best Outdoor Fiction"

—Texas Outdoor Writers Association

"One Helluva Buck"
Caldwell enjoys a celebratory glass of Keystone wine
after completion of this transparent oil, a South Texas scene from the Texas Sporting Journal feature story, "One Helluva Buck." Caldwell's story and this painting took both top honors at the recent TOWA annual meeting in Corpus Christi.

A Gclee of One Helluva Buck is available for $385.



Sketches from Texas Children's Hospital

One of my favorite events are Tuesdays with the young artists of TCH's Cancer Clinic. As Outreach Director for Watercolor Art Society-Houston (WAS-H), volunteers encourage the kids to have fun with art.




"Quail Explosion at Spanish Dagger"

Here's a recent watercolor, part of a Bob Brister feature story

in the handsome new outdoor magazine, Texas Sporting Journal.

That fine new magazinecan be in your mailbox if you go to the Texas Sporting Journal website

found on the LINKS page.

"Quail Explosion" was also chosen for exhibition at the recent International watercolor Exhibit in Houston. A Gclee is available. $350.00




Shoot For The Cure

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's annual shooting event featured original paintings and prints by Sam Caldwell

Above, the four-image study. Below, the large painting: Whitewings over Big Bucks Ranch, and two of the classic Caldwell prints that went at auction at Shoot For The Cure.

For more information, click on the windmill.


Par Fore The Cure

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's annual golfing event featured unique new paintings by Sam Caldwell. For more information, click on Jack Nicklaus's sand wedge.

Arnie and Jack at St. Andrews / study, as part of three other images: $3,000. Includes Tiger Woods and Ben Hogan

"Tiger, Arnie, Jack and Ben at St. Andrews." Two ancient Scots look on from the past. This is the black and white drawing for a 40" x 30" watercolor. Below, the color study with all four images.

This is the full color study, with all images included. Giclee available. The original painting went at auction to benefit the Scottish Rite Children's Hospital.


Caldwell is proud of the label he painted for Freestone's Rudy Von Strasser.

Rudy was named a Winemaker of the Year.

To view other Caldwell paintings and Gclee prints, click on the GALLERY link in the header, or the Freestone wine bottle.